Engagement Sessions Are Better With Go Karts
Engagement Sessions Are Better With Go Karts

jaime & nolan are like my favorite couple ever.  (after lauren & brent, or ashley & blake, or megan & mitch, or gini & charlie, or audrey & cody) ;)  anyway, i love them.  we met for the first time about 10 minutes before their session and were bffs by the time it ended.  i could not have been more giddy when she told me her preferred location for the session.  ladies & gentlemen, i give you party central in bossier city.

nothing says “i love you” more than crushing your lady friend in a little go kart race.

look, just because you are engaged does not mean you need to find an open field at sunset.  having said that, if there is one next door, you should absolutely frolic.

ok, back to the real session.

i love couples that can make anything look & feel like the best day of their lives.  jaime & nolan totally have this going for them.

nolan should watch out because jaime might have hit the punching bag harder than he did.

what does one do with over 180 tickets?  one buys rings and takes cheesy photos.

you guys were great.  i’m kinda wishing you were getting married at six flags now. :)

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