How To Be A Smart Bride
How To Be A Smart Bride

Question: What do these 4 weddings have in common?

OK… What do these 4 weddings have in common BESIDES having booked a good looking and uber talented photographer?

Give up?

Ashley, Megan, Carrie, & Melissa all were smart enough to have Vanessa McKellar Productions at their weddings.  I encourage brides every chance I get to have a good videographer at their weddings.  Some listen and take the plunge, some don’t and regret it later.  I know from talking to these brides that they will never regret the choice they made.  Take a look at the trailers Vanessa & Brent put together for these weddings.  (AND THESE ARE JUST THE TRAILERS!!!!  Imagine getting to have a whole movie about your wedding day.) Seriously ladies, call her and book her right now. 903-894-6078

OH, and if you wanna see plain ol’ boring pictures from the weddings pick a bride and click here name.
Ashley, Megan, Carrie, & Melissa

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