Aggie Love
Aggie Love

Hello, I want you to meet Morgan, Trevor and their doghter Lexi.


texas-aggie-engagment-photos-002 texas-aggie-engagment-photos-003 texas-aggie-engagment-photos-004 texas-aggie-engagment-photos-005

These two both went to Texas aTm, didn’t know each other, and then went on to Baylor law where they met.  I love that we came back here where their story started without them even knowing it.

texas-aggie-engagment-photos-006 texas-aggie-engagment-photos-007

My favorite part of their story is how they were friends and knew each other in law school but were not dating, Trevor had invited her and other friends out to his parent’s lake house but Morgan had elected to not go.  She woke up one day to find he had changed his Facebook profile picture to one of JUST him and after some Nancy Drew type investigating Morgan figured out that Trevor and his girlfriend were no longer together.  BOOM. She called him up and said I’m heading to the lake. :)

texas-aggie-engagment-photos-008 texas-aggie-engagment-photos-009

Trevor is a big dude, he could beat me up.  I LOVED him getting attacked by this branch.

texas-aggie-engagment-photos-010 texas-aggie-engagment-photos-011 texas-aggie-engagment-photos-012

Thank you guys for romping all over campus with me.

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Like Chicken? Grab A Wing.
Like Chicken? Grab A Wing.

Hannah & Rob are the very reason I think I have one of the best jobs in the world. They were such a joy to get to know and I left their session with a full full heart.

(We also took photographs.)

Hannah is a residential and commercial architect so naturally we started at the Cullen Sculpture Garden in Houston.

I asked Hannah what first attracted her to Rob and she instantly started gushing about his sense of humor.  She loves how random and quirky he is.

About 30 minutes into their first date they were crossing the street and he turns to her and asks:
Do you like chicken?
She said yes, to which he stuck out his arm and said,
“Grab a wing”.

Game. Set. Match.
That’s how it’s done folks.


Another thing I love about their story is that they met the old fashion way. Online dating.
And, AND, 6 months into it Hannah knew this was legit and began the process of growing her hair out for her wedding.  That is some legit planning on her part. #rapunzel

cullen-sculpture-garden-engagement-photos-004 cullen-sculpture-garden-engagement-photos-005

Rob told me that during their first date he was training for a triathlon and he had already had a big lunch and was not eating much at dinner.

That did not however deter Hannah, she went on to order a full plate of Bar-B-Q.

He talked about how much he LOVED that she was willing to be herself regardless of how that might “appear” or look.  Spoiler Alert: Hannah is a human.  She eats food.

A word to all you other ladies out there looking for love:
Real men are attracted to women who are not afraid to be themselves.
Real men are not “put off” by a confident woman.
Real men are attracted to a woman who is secure in her self and opinions.

Especially when those options are “I think I’ll have some more brisket.”


111 year old architecture for the win! Thanks St. Paul United Methodist Church.



One last note, all throughout our session we kept seeing these little caterpillars.
We loved them, I hope you do too.


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Dogs, Books, & Coffee
Dogs, Books, & Coffee


Anni & Kip met back when they lived in the same apartment complex. They kept bumping into each other when they walked their humans.  Little by little Anni would take more walks just so she could run into Kip and eventually, their humans caught on and decided they, too, should fall in love.

denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-002 denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-003

After they felt comfortable enough with me, Anni & Kip let me take their humans out for photos of just the two of them.

Kathrine & Josh took me to the greatest used book store in the world.  You should absolutely go to Recycled Books & Records.

denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-004 denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-005

Right away I fell in love with just how opposite these two are.  Josh is this quiet guy with super great jokes and observations that he mumbles under his breath.  Kathrine is basically Joy from Inside Out.  She was Laughing SO LOUD in the book store.  It was wonderful.

denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-006 denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-007

Sometimes the photos find you.



Quick change and off to the courthouse we went.

denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-010 denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-011

Why yes. Yes, we would like to share stories about basketball and life, over chocolate milk and coffee at West Oak Coffee

denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-012 denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-013 denton-bookstore-engagement-photography-014

Thank you guys for sharing your morning with me.  I loved your story and how full of life you guys are.  I love that you already knew each others Love Languages.  I love that your story reminded me of 101 Dalmatians.

Can’t wait for your wedding.

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Dino-mite Love
Dino-mite Love


If you have ever bought property, you know the most important rule.

Location. Location. Location.

Rebecca & Tony work in the medical & finance field. But if they ever decide to switch careers, I think real estate is their true calling.

Let’s start with our getting ready location.  Hotel Zaza. (yes, please.)


I still don’t understand why people pay me to do this job.  It’s the best.


I would like to take this moment to publicly shame Tony for telling his sister that she had to have her kids ready for photos a full FIVE hours before the actual time.  What kind of brother does that?  Boo, Tony.  Boo.

(Also, props to his sister for actually pulling it off and KEEPING her kids happy and dressed until photo time eventually rolled around.)


First Look magic at Hotel Zaza

houston-museum-of-natural-science-wedding-photos-005 houston-museum-of-natural-science-wedding-photos-006

Bridal party photos location.  (not bad)


Not bad at all.


Rebecca loves to kiss Tony.  Tony loves to shy away from her kisses.  I see this trend continuing well into their 70’s when she eventually breaks him.


Wait… what’s that on the wall?  Could it be?




Of course they are getting married at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  Why wouldn’t they?

houston-museum-of-natural-science-wedding-photos-012 houston-museum-of-natural-science-wedding-photos-013 houston-museum-of-natural-science-wedding-photos-014

Typically I walk around getting photos of the decorations a couple has selected for their wedding.

This was what I got to take pictures of instead.


Of course this guy was part of their wedding day.

houston-museum-of-natural-science-wedding-photos-016 houston-museum-of-natural-science-wedding-photos-017

I LOVE when couples share a private meal together.

houston-museum-of-natural-science-wedding-photos-018 houston-museum-of-natural-science-wedding-photos-019 houston-museum-of-natural-science-wedding-photos-020

I think it’s like 1 out of every 5 weddings where the ring has trouble going on the guy.


Tony said some of the sweetest vows to his bride.


That moment just after you are married.  (With dinosaur.)


Couples are always asking me how the family formals can look better.  Easy.  Add dinosaurs.

houston-museum-of-natural-science-wedding-photos-024 houston-museum-of-natural-science-wedding-photos-025 houston-museum-of-natural-science-wedding-photos-026

I tried so hard to think of a funny joke about rings and teeth but could not come up with one.

houston-museum-of-natural-science-wedding-photos-027 houston-museum-of-natural-science-wedding-photos-028

You know what makes feeding each other cake better?

Feeding each other cake in front of a triceratops butt.

houston-museum-of-natural-science-wedding-photos-029 houston-museum-of-natural-science-wedding-photos-030

Thank you guys for a great day.  As AMAZING as your locations were, I know your story will be better.

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Beautiful Marriage
Beautiful Marriage


Sarah & Thomas had a gorgeous wedding.  Beautiful.  Breathtaking.  Seriously.  Check out the pretty at North Market Venue.


True story: Sarah’s shoe bling kept snagging on her dress. So she bought some orthodontic wax and “fixed” them.


The florals from Adcock & Associates were beautiful.


They had a perfect First Look.  Filled with laughter, talking, and hugs.

centenary-college-wedding-photos-shreveport-004 centenary-college-wedding-photos-shreveport-005 centenary-college-wedding-photos-shreveport-006 centenary-college-wedding-photos-shreveport-007

These guys were surrounded by so many friends and family.

centenary-college-wedding-photos-shreveport-008 centenary-college-wedding-photos-shreveport-009

I told you this was a beautiful wedding.  Sarah even manages to eat a chicken nugget from Wendy’s with grace.

centenary-college-wedding-photos-shreveport-010 centenary-college-wedding-photos-shreveport-011 centenary-college-wedding-photos-shreveport-012

Ah that time honored tradition of the post wedding selfie.


This was by far my favorite photo of the day.

Sarah’s grandparents have been married for 59 years. When I mentioned to her and Thomas that they won’t reach that milestone till the year 2075, she closed her eyes in amazement, and Thomas wiped his brow.


Think about that. These people were married on June 14, 1957.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was president when these people started their marriage.

Sleeping Beauty was not a Disney movie.

Sputnik had not happened.

Nat King Cole was a new singer.

We had 48 states.

These two have been married since then.


Ok, on to the reception.  Lots and lots of dancing.


I LOVE chicken & waffles.  These by Maison Louisiane Catering were extra tasty.

I may have eaten 19 of them. (or 24)



I want to come back to MeMaw & Pappy.  Because the decision they made in June of 1957 is what made today so beautiful.

When they took this photo together, Sarah & Thomas had been married for exactly 15 minutes.

MeMaw & Pappy had been married for 31,180,320 minutes.


They  made a covenant and stuck with it.
They instilled that commitment in their daughter.
And now their granddaughter can look back on generations of people staying married.

That is beautiful.
That is worth cheering for.
That is worth celebrating.


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