Your Wedding Has Two Weddings
Your Wedding Has Two Weddings

Can I tell you a secret about your wedding?  On your wedding day, there will actually be two weddings taking place.  The one you planned for, and the one you may not even notice.

The one you plan for will be easy to spot.  It’s the one that looks like a real live Pinterest board.  Perfection will be everywhere you look.


Time after time, it will feel like you are in a movie and you won’t believe that it’s actually real life.  I mean seriously… did you notice that field just above?


As great as the wedding you planned is, sometimes there is even more fun and life to be had in the wedding you may not notice.

Like…. How adorable the little flower girls are as they wait while watching shows with matching headphones.

How your groom and his aunt photo bomb your formal photos.


That little moment of reflection as you film a message to your husband to be.

How about that time your dad trips while walking you down the aisle, catches himself, and then you share a giggle over it.

It only lasts 5 seconds, but when the minister tells you to turn and look at all the friends and family you have, soak it up.


If it feels like everyone is watching you…. it’s because they are.  Every little girl is kinda dreaming she was you.

And some little boys are trying to figure out what every older girl wants.

Of course you want a photo with your sorority sisters.  You never figured your dad would want to jump in too though.  Right?

Soak up every strange and awkward dance move your new husband has.  (And make sure it gets captured on film.)


Rent the best getaway car you can.  But if it does not crank, don’t sweat it.  You’ve got plenty of muscle standing by.

Plan your day, enjoy your day, just don’t miss the day happening behind the scenes.  You never know when lightning might strike.


(You see what I did there?)

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Snake Attack Day Turns 9!
Snake Attack Day Turns 9!

Today marks the 9th anniversary of our families favorite made up holiday.

Snake Attack Day!

Short story: I heard Danielle scream. I ran outside. This happened.

Today we give thanks for surviving this close close encounter many years ago.

Eat a gummie worm & join us in celebrating our victory over the serpent.

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Mustang Marriage
Mustang Marriage

Natalee & Josh met while they were at SMU.  They are totally getting married.  Their engagement session consisted of two locations.

Location 1: Give the parents photos that they will like.

smu-football-engagement-photos-01 smu-football-engagement-photos-02

Location 2: Give Josh a reason to tackle Natalee.  (Did I mention that Josh played football for SMU and is a super huge dude that could crush me with his left arm?)

smu-football-engagement-photos-03 smu-football-engagement-photos-04 smu-football-engagement-photos-05 DCIM100MEDIA smu-football-engagement-photos-07 smu-football-engagement-photos-08 smu-football-engagement-photos-09 smu-football-engagement-photos-10

Thank you guys for a fun afternoon and for sneaking/getting me into the stadium. ;)

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Breelyn Crushes Her Bridal Session
Breelyn Crushes Her Bridal Session

Do you remember that time that Breelyn showed up for her bridal session and made my job super easy?  I do.






Of course she’s wearing mud boots.  What else would she be wearing?


Speaking of wearing… She’s wearing her mother’s wedding dress.  BOOM.



This outdoor shoot in a slightly muddy field was made possible by Breelyn’s awesomeness and by Roma, makers of fine mud boots.  (Giving poverty the boot.)  You should go buy some.


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Gwen & Vernon | 50 Years of Marriage
Gwen & Vernon | 50 Years of Marriage


Sometime last year I came up with the idea of photographing couples who have been married 50+ years. I always love anniversary dances at weddings and feel like those are the couples we should be celebrating. It’s like 300 people come to cheer you on when you get married, but for some reason, the longer you are married, the less people celebrate or cheer for it.

(PS: If you know of a couple who has been married for 50 or more years, get in touch, I’ll take their photos.)

I don’t know if I could have picked a better couple to kick off this little series.

Vernon and Gwen were married January 16, 1965. That’s about 50 years and 4 days ago. ;) They were so so sweet and kind. Their relationship has such a security to it. One is not trying to outdo the other. As they tell a story they take turns handing off parts of the conversation to each other like olympians passing a baton. One of the first things that came up was the topic of movies and this was their exchange.

Gwen: “I love Cary Grant. How can you be so funny and look so good?”

(3 second pause.)

Vernon: “There’s only a few of us.”

I was hooked.

50-years-of-marriage-002 50-years-of-marriage-003 50-years-of-marriage-004 50-years-of-marriage-005 50-years-of-marriage-006 50-years-of-marriage-007

As I photographed them they told stories about their journey and what it means to share a life with someone. I felt my marriage getting stronger just by listening to them talk about theirs. I loved watching them flirt like a pair of newly-weds. I loved the little looks she gave him when he was about to cross a line. I loved that Vernon’s office has a photo of the Mona Lisa next to a photo of John Wayne.

50-years-of-marriage-008 50-years-of-marriage-009 50-years-of-marriage-010 50-years-of-marriage-011

At first my plan was to just do a few photos of them, but after about 30 seconds of hanging out with them, I knew I had to film them answering a few questions about marriage and life.

It’s not a LOL Instagram cat.
It’s not a dog riding a skateboard on Youtube.
It’s not even a super funny 21 random facts you didn’t know BuzzFeed list.

It’s just 2 people who have been married 50 years telling you what it takes to make that happen.

They may also give opinions on wedding budgets and saying yes to the dress. ;)

So, if you have 5 minutes to spare, you should watch this video.

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