A Beer Bladder Love Story
A Beer Bladder Love Story

It would be impossible for me to love Leah and Jordan more.  They are super kind, chill, and way way too easy to photograph.  And for their location they decided on Great Raft Brewing in Shreveport.  What’s not to love?


These two met during their urology residency. (I think that’s how you say it.  I’m not book smart like these two.)

great-raft-brewing-shreveport-engagement-photos-002 great-raft-brewing-shreveport-engagement-photos-003 great-raft-brewing-shreveport-engagement-photos-004

Jordan also dabbles in photography, and I indulged him by letting him talk about his camera and lenses.  I thought it would be poor form to bring up my extensive knowledge of urology so I kept that on the down low.
(Didn’t want to embarrass him in front of his lady.)


Jordan was so eager to tell me about how they met in school and hit it off right away.  And how after a couple of years, Leah invited him over for some fried deer steak.

The rest as they say… is beer.  Lots and lots of beer.

great-raft-brewing-shreveport-engagement-photos-006 great-raft-brewing-shreveport-engagement-photos-007 great-raft-brewing-shreveport-engagement-photos-008
You’ll be seeing more of these two soon because later this month they are getting married at Lake Tyler Petroleum Club.  (Can’t wait!)

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Sarah crushed her bridal session at Cedar Croft Plantation in Louisiana.  I can’t wait for their wedding.

cedar-croft-plantation-wedding-photos-001 cedar-croft-plantation-wedding-photos-002 cedar-croft-plantation-wedding-photos-003 cedar-croft-plantation-wedding-photos-004 cedar-croft-plantation-wedding-photos-005 cedar-croft-plantation-wedding-photos-006

I think if I had access to this barn I would eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner here every day.

cedar-croft-plantation-wedding-photos-007 cedar-croft-plantation-wedding-photos-008 cedar-croft-plantation-wedding-photos-009

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Rebekah & Matt
Rebekah & Matt


Rebekah & Matt’s wedding at The Landing at Joshua Farms in Kilgore, Texas was such a joy to be around.  Every time I turned around there were more friends and family showing up.  These two are surrounded by an incredible support system.

landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-001 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-002 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-003 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-004

This little (big) printer is near and dear to Rebekah.  She’s had it for many years and it’s made her graphic design-loving heart full of happiness.  Of course it would play a part on her wedding day.

landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-005 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-006 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-007

I love a great First Look.  But, I also adore me some Daddy/Daughter First Looks as well.

landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-008 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-009 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-010 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-011 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-012 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-013 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-014

Anytime your getaway car and bridesmaid dresses match, you know your wedding is on point.

landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-015 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-016 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-017

“What do we do now?!” That moment right after you have been announced at your reception, but are not quite sure where to go next.


I think Rebekah and her father laughed more during their first dance than any two I have photographed in the past 10 years.

landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-019 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-020



Of course she had a reception dress.

landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-022 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-023

I was totally humming “and at last i’ve seen the light”.

landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-024 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-025 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-026 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-027

Sometimes I wait outside the bathroom for the bride to walk out so I can get an awkward photo of her. (That’s not creepy right?)


Let them eat cake!



Hey future brides… I can’t encourage you enough with this one… A last dance where you are all alone is THE BEST.

landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-031 landing-event-center-joshua-farms-wedding-photos-032

You guys rocked my socks off.  Thanks for being so delightfully wonderful.

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Wildcatter Ranch Wedding
Wildcatter Ranch Wedding


Niki & Jeremy were so, so chill on their wedding day.  Even the threat of rain didn’t phase them.  These two wanted nothing more than to hang out, get married, and maybe have a little fun at the reception.

Hey, if you are looking for a pretty great place to get married… Wildcatter Ranch in Graham, TX is your jam.


Niki’s “something old” was her grandmother’s wedding ring. She passed away just shy of 50 years of marriage. Could this ring be any simpler?

Nothing about it says “look at me”.

All it really says is “Don’t bother looking. I’m taken. I’m committed.

‘Til death do us part.”

wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-002 wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-003 wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-004

This is what people pay me for.

wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-005 wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-006

Jeremy and his son were getting ready together.  I loved how inclusive both Jeremy and Niki were to him the whole day.

wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-007 wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-008

I love when a First Look goes from the first reaction being a smile to everyone tearing up within 4 seconds.

wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-009 wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-010 wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-011 wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-012 wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-013 wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-014 wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-015 wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-016 wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-017 wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-018

One of my favorite family photo moments ever.  Of COURSE her grandfather said “hang on a minute” after their picture and gave Niki a 100 dollar bill. :)  Because that’s what grandfathers do.

wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-019 wildcatter-ranch-wedding-photos-020

Their reception was what every wedding reception should be: laughter, dancing, family, & friends.


Did I mention fireworks?


And… what do you do if it’s raining when you are done with the party and need to walk back to your cabin?

You put a trash bag over your wedding dress.


Thank you for being so relaxed.

Thank you for not stressing about rain.

Thank you for including your son every step of the way.

Thank you for leaving in a trash bag.

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Perfectly Balanced Couple
Perfectly Balanced Couple


Tony’s opening questions on OKCupid was “Did you go to Hopkins?” (As in Johns) Rebecca said it was the least creepiest, most interesting opening line she had ever heard and was curious about this guy. Turns out she has pretty good instincts.

Their story started while she was finishing up medical school. Their work schedules were off, and, like most people starting their residency, Rebecca did not have much free time. But she did have to eat. Tony seized the opportunity and brought her pizza. He basically became her private delivery boy; any excuse to see her.

Apparently, Rebecca and my wife Danielle have the same Love Language-Fun Food.





About half way through our session, Rebecca noticed this sign in the gardens and demanded a photo with it.
“Even tiny balls and little feet can crush our babies.” Uh… yes please.


Rebecca said that her favorite thing about Tony is how when they fight, it feels like they figure something out on the other side of it.  I think that may be my favorite answer ever.  Seriously, if you hang out with ANYONE long enough, you are going to disagree.  The couples that can work through those and learn from them are the couples that stay together.  I LOVE that they are already starting to click in that area.  684 Relationship Points go to Rebecca & Tony!



I always love when one person is ready to kiss the other and the other person is like… not quite right now.

So even though Rebecca is the bubbly outgoing one in the relationship, it was super obvious how much Tony values and respects her.  He was so tender and kind to her the whole session.  I loved how he listened to her and how his steady personality is the perfect balance to her go-go fun-fun one.


Reason 892 why Rebecca and Tony are great together.  He puts up with her hip checks when they are just walking through Herman park.


Tony’s willingness to go with the flow and Rebecca’s fun quirky spirit is what’s going to keep these two together.

That and Tony buying her pizza throughout the years.

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