Suzanne & Ryan | Winner! Winner!
Suzanne & Ryan | Winner! Winner!

Suzanne & Ryan are doing a destination wedding in Florida later this year.  They had already booked a photographer out there and spent most of their budget, but didn’t end up having enough left for an engagement session.  That’s when Ryan stepped up to the plate with his awesomeness.  He found me online, called me, booked me, and printed out some of my images and surprised Suzanne with a session.  50 bonus points for him!  Way to go Ryan.  He’s a keeper!


My favorite part about their story is that they met at work and had gone on one or two dates.  Then Ryan got a promotion and he became Suzanne’s direct report.  ;)

houston-discovery-green-park-engagement-photos-02 houston-discovery-green-park-engagement-photos-03 houston-discovery-green-park-engagement-photos-04

He actually proposed out in Vegas.  We were not able to go to Vegas for this session, but he did track down this slot machine rental place that let us use their inventory.

houston-discovery-green-park-engagement-photos-05 houston-discovery-green-park-engagement-photos-06 houston-discovery-green-park-engagement-photos-07

Thank you guys for a great afternoon.  Have fun in Key West.


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Justine & Karl | Smart, Young, Old People
Justine & Karl | Smart, Young, Old People


Justine & Karl are my new best friends.  (I just need to double check with them and make sure that’s ok.)  I loved hanging out with them and love their story so much.  I’ll try to do it justice, but you should just take my advice and become best friends with them, too.

They met in the rainforest of Borneo while they were studying abroad.  Not a bad start, right?  Anyways, after a few months together there, they knew they were perfect for each other.  Eventually, Karl would move to Texas for medical school and Justine would continue her education in North Carolina.  They have had a long distance relationship since then and have made it work.  (With a few flights back and forth to see each other in real life.)   Well, this past weekend Justine was in Dallas so the three of us headed down to Klyde Warren Park for their session.

klyde-warren-park-engagement-photos-02 klyde-warren-park-engagement-photos-03 klyde-warren-park-engagement-photos-04 klyde-warren-park-engagement-photos-05

True Story: Justine did not know how to play checkers.  So Karl taught her while we were shooting.  How great is that?

klyde-warren-park-engagement-photos-06 klyde-warren-park-engagement-photos-07 klyde-warren-park-engagement-photos-08

Both of them have huge giant brains that are extra smart.  Justine’s is just a tad bigger.

klyde-warren-park-engagement-photos-09 klyde-warren-park-engagement-photos-10

When I asked them what they like to do when they hang out, Justine mentioned that they like “old people things”.  A few months ago they were on their way to take some archery lessons and instead ended up learning to play pétanque.  How perfectly random is that?


Justine is not a fan of diamonds so of course Karl designed her a custom engagement ring with her birthstone and favorite color.

klyde-warren-park-engagement-photos-12 klyde-warren-park-engagement-photos-13

Justine is a bit of a geek.

OK, “a bit” might be selling her short.  Let me try again.

Justine kinda invented her own strand of DNA that can trace if water in wells has been contaminated.  BOOM.  Just like that.

Anytime she talks about it, she gets really excited and I get really confused.  So I may not have described it 100% accurately, but you get the idea.  So of course we had to hit the Perot Museum of Nature & Science.

klyde-warren-park-engagement-photos-14 klyde-warren-park-engagement-photos-15 klyde-warren-park-engagement-photos-16

They could have spent hours in this place.  I kept having to pull them away from the exhibits so I could do my job. :)  When I was done shooting I left them in the museum.  They might still be in there right now.


Super cool exhibit that tracks your body movements and replicates it in 8-bit format.  Here is an 8-bit version of them making out.


Thank you guys for spending your July 4th with me.  Nothing says “America” more than an Army doctor dude and a lady scientist from L.A. falling in love.  (Go Lakers!)

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Audra & Brian | Down Set Hut!
Audra & Brian | Down Set Hut!

It’s really rare to be able to start an engagement session at the location a couple first met.  Especially when they first met over 20 years ago.  With Audra & Brian we were lucky enough to do that.  We went back to the place it all started.  We went back to the house Audra grew up in.



Sometime around 1985 or so Audra & Brian’s fathers were coaches together for Texas ATM. (Whoop!) I’m sure this led to many family get togethers and team functions where little Audra & little Brian would spend hours playing together. That’s were they fell in love. OK, not really. They were like 5 years old or something, this isn’t a Disney movie. Anyway, They did hang out at Audra’s house so that’s where we went to start their session.


There were so many memories at this house. It was neat to see Audra back in that setting and hear her talk about how different yet familiar it felt. We were doing a few shots on the porch and I noticed a wasp’s nest in the corner. She told me a story about when she was little and her mom was stung by them and she almost ended up calling 911. I thought the wasps deserved to make the blog.


Then, like all good Aggies, we headed onto campus.  Some of you may be familiar with this tree.


The thing is though… Audra & Brian didn’t go to ATM together. Audra’s dad took another coaching job a few states over and moved away, Brian’s dad did the same and that normally is how the story would end.


Brian did end up coming back and becoming a full grown Aggie so at least he gets credit for that.


college-station-aggie-engagement-photos-04 college-station-aggie-engagement-photos-05 college-station-aggie-engagement-photos-06


Fast forward to 2012. Audra’s dad is still a college coach and he’s filling out his new staff. He know’s a former college of his has a well qualified son who is looking for a job so he decides to give Brian an shot. Well, one thing led to another and one day he’s doing his new boss a favor and picking up Audra from the airport. Well, one thing led to another and now they are getting married. Because that’s how awesome their story is.


Multiple states, multiple campuses, multiple teams. Their journey started together, went thousands of miles apart, then led them right back to each other.


college-station-aggie-engagement-photos-07 college-station-aggie-engagement-photos-08

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Heather & Travis
Heather & Travis


I could not have picked a better wedding to kick off the new site if I’d tried.  I had such a great weekend with Heather, Travis, and all their family & friends.  I hope this peek into it captures just a little bit of what it was like.

The thing I love about shooting out of town/destination weddings is getting to hang out at the rehearsal & dinner.  You really get a feel for the families and what everyone’s personalities are like.

It *might* be time to upgrade.
NO matter how much practice they get.  Father’s are never really ready to give their daughter’s away.
denver-wedding-photography-_0003 denver-wedding-photography-_0004

Here’s a shot of Travis & his brother.  It’s crazy to me when I think that one day my tiny boys will look like those men.
The dinner was an evening of stories, laughter, musical tributes, tears, and more.


On to the wedding day!  You know it’s a good group of bridesmaids when you walk in and find they have been raiding the hotel juice machine all morning.

denver-wedding-photography-_0007 denver-wedding-photography-_0008

These two photos happened within 15 seconds of each other.  It’s exactly what many wedding days are like.  One moment you are laughing because you are so happy you are getting married.  10 seconds later it all hits you and then you tear up and can’t believe the day has finally come.

denver-wedding-photography-_0009 denver-wedding-photography-_0010

Heather & Travis wanted a giant field for their ceremony.  So they did what any rational person would do.  They contacted the fine folks at Big Foot Turf and said; “Can we start our marriage on one of your fields?”

denver-wedding-photography-_0011 denver-wedding-photography-_0012
Hey look, it’s Heather’s dad hugging her again.

Every time I turned around he was hugging her.  It’s almost like he didn’t want to miss a single chance to remind her that even though she was changing her name that day, he would always be her daddy.

denver-wedding-photography-_0013 denver-wedding-photography-_0014 denver-wedding-photography-_0015 denver-wedding-photography-_0016 denver-wedding-photography-_0017

Sisters make for great money shots at weddings. :)


I’m not sure Travis finished turning around before Heather had him in tears during their First Look.

denver-wedding-photography-_0019 denver-wedding-photography-_0020 denver-wedding-photography-_0021 denver-wedding-photography-_0022 denver-wedding-photography-_0023 denver-wedding-photography-_0024

Smoothest. Ring bearer. Ever.

Smoothest. Groom. Ever.

denver-wedding-photography-_0026 denver-wedding-photography-_0027 denver-wedding-photography-_0028

How do you get little people down the aisle?  Pez.

denver-wedding-photography-_0029 denver-wedding-photography-_0030 denver-wedding-photography-_0031 denver-wedding-photography-_0032
That moment when you just got married and get to high five your dad.
denver-wedding-photography-_0033 denver-wedding-photography-_0034

I LOVE the 3 minutes after a couple are married.  I’m not sure if all your wedding-blogs tell you this, but it’s kinda the coolest part of your day.  It’s a blur and you may not even remember it later.  It’s that moment when the 10-20 most important people in your life engulf you with love.  (And sometimes your mom gives you bunny ears.)
denver-wedding-photography-_0035 denver-wedding-photography-_0036

Every wedding has that corner of the room where the tiny humans spend the reception.
denver-wedding-photography-_0037 denver-wedding-photography-_0038 denver-wedding-photography-_0039 denver-wedding-photography-_0040

It was an honor for you guys to have me out there.  Thanks for trusting me with your day and I can’t wait to dump a couple hundred more photos on you soon. ;)

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check out the new digs
check out the new digs



This is a post I’ve waited close to 5 years to write. As long and as hard as the wait has been, the end result is that much more rewarding.

When I first started shooting weddings it didn’t take me long to realize 2 things:

1. I loved shooting weddings.
2. I hated shooting weddings.

It seemed like every other week I would bounce from one end of the spectrum to the other. Little by little I was able to pinpoint my feelings and figure out exactly what was causing me to love or hate each particular weekend. The more the day was about THE WEDDING, the less I seemed to enjoy it. The more the day was about the marriage, the more I left with a full heart. Little by little, year by year, I’ve been able to find my voice, and find the type of couples that I want to work with. This site is the culmination of that process.

There are 3.6 billion wedding photographers in Texas alone. 3.5 billion of them take fantastic images so taking a great photo is not enough. I’m not looking for couples who only want great images. I’m looking for couples who want an honest portrayal of who they are. I’m looking for couples who are authentic and real about what their wedding day can be. I’m looking for couples who want great marriages. The best way for me to find those couples is by modeling that behavior. So finally, after all this time, I have a site that is an honest reflection of myself and what working with me is like. You are not going to find another site like this anywhere. Second Street Creative did an AMAZING job building it and I can’t say enough good things about Ryan. Thank you so much for making this idea a reality.

This is who I am. If you think you might want me at your wedding, spend 10 minutes on this site and you’ll know. And, if you decide we are not a great fit that’s ok. I’ll even help you find a photographer that is. ;)

So go on, take a look around.  There are fun little surprises and things to be found.  It looks different on a computer, tablet, or phone so why not try all three? My favorite part may be the Mug Machine section under Info or the super cute kids on the Bio page.

One last note. The past 2 weeks leading up to this site launch have been packed full of 17 hour days. You would not be viewing it were it not for the limitless hours Danielle invests in our family. Thank you so much for your love and support. You are more amazing today than the day we were married and I’ll never feel like I deserve you.

P.S. If you want a chance to win a 2 night stay at a bed & breakfast, here’s what you gotta do.

1. Leave a comment below.
2. Post something on your Facebook telling folks to come take a look around the site.
(You must do both things to be entered to win.)

Here’s a little suggestion on what you could say:

AlexM, my best internet friend and killer photographer, just launched a new site. You should go take a look at it’s amazingness.

I’ll be selecting the winner at random by the end of the week.


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