You Smell Delicious!
You Smell Delicious!

What if you could choose the very first words you spoke to the person you were going to marry?  Would you scour Cary Grant movies in search of that perfect phrase?  Would you read every line Jane Austen wrote till you found that hidden gem?  Or… would you just roll with whatever popped into your head?  That’s what Emily did and you’ll love what she came up with.

Emily & Lucas first met in a Physics lab at ATM.  They then went on to fall madly in love while she stalked him at his job at Muldoon’s Coffee House.  They are getting married under the Century Tree next year.  They will live happily ever after.

Ready to meet them?  I thought so.

aggie-photographers-01 aggie-photographers-02 aggie-photographers-03 aggie-photographers-04 aggie-photographers-05

After a few cups of coffee we were of to the Physics building.   This is the class room they met in. And, on that very first day of class, while sitting at that desk, Emily leaned over and whispered….

“Not to make this weird… but you smell delicious.”

aggie-photographers-06 aggie-photographers-07 aggie-photographers-08

Another little story from their first day in class.
There was a tiny lady bug flying all around that just captivated the students.  Soon after Emily earned the nickname “Ladybug” from Lucas.
So major bonus points to Emily for her outfit choice. ;)


And, like all good Aggies, after class we headed over to the Chicken.


Hey, remember that time they carved their initials onto the wall back when they were dating?

aggie-photographers-11 aggie-photographers-12

Thanks for a great session.  Thanks for being so chill.  Emily, thanks for booking me.  Lucas, thanks for smelling oh so delicious.


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Lauren & Alex
Lauren & Alex


If I had to pick a couple to get a bit of rain on their wedding day Lauren & Alex would be my 1st choice.  :)

Lauren totally has a go with the flow mindset and Alex played a few years of college baseball so he’s also accustom to rain delays.  I loved every minute of their day and I hope these images can give you a small glimpse of how amazing these two people are.


Lauren has a few nieces and nephews so there were plenty of great little people moments.  This may have been my favorite of the day though.  Everyone was getting ready and there were about 10 ladies in the room.  They start to look for one of the flower girls and can’t find her.  Turns out she was hiding in the corner eating candy.  Once she realized she had been busted, she stayed in the corner, finished eating, then ran out smiling.

dallas-wedding-photographer-02 dallas-wedding-photographer-03 dallas-wedding-photographer-04

I loved the small touches of personality they sprinkled throughout their day.  Alex had some cufflinks that made from MLB baseballs.  Lauren’s hairpiece had once belonged to her grandmother.  And the bouquet had photos of her with her mom who she recently lost to cancer.

dallas-wedding-photographer-05 dallas-wedding-photographer-06 dallas-wedding-photographer-07

This is the part of the wedding where Lauren’s niece tried to steal her shoes.


Such a great First Look.  Anticipation, followed by joy, then jumping and screaming, and ending with a hug.

dallas-wedding-photographer-09 dallas-wedding-photographer-10 dallas-wedding-photographer-11 dallas-wedding-photographer-12

Lauren’s nieces completed the flowergirl hat trick.  One was literally only up there for 2 seconds. (I somehow pulled off a photo.)  Another managed to fall and cry a bit. And the third was a tiny princess always ready to pose and smile.


It had been overcast most of the day and then finally 20 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start it really started looking bad.  We all ran outside in hopes of getting this wedding done and keeping everyone dry.


As Lauren was about to walk down the aisle…  The drops started coming.  Totally in stride, her father reaches over, grabs an umbrella and they keep going.  Lauren’s heart was bursting with laughter all the way down the aisle.

I don’t think I’ve seen two people smile and laugh so much during their ceremony.


Alex jumped the gun and got busted for stealing first and then got to kiss her again.  Officially.

dallas-wedding-photographer-17 dallas-wedding-photographer-18

On the the party.  Hey look, it’s Angela & Spencer.


This little man’s go-to dance floor move.

dallas-wedding-photographer-20 dallas-wedding-photographer-21

I really can’t believe Alex’s mom didn’t make us all buy tickets to the gun show.


That tender moment when you leave a little cake on his face and decide to suck it off in front of everyone.

dallas-wedding-photographer-23 dallas-wedding-photographer-24

If you can catch a bouquet while holding a small child, you make the blog.


I loved their last dance all alone.  Just perfect.

BOOM Mug Machine Goodnesss!!!!

dallas-wedding-photographer-photo-booth-01 dallas-wedding-photographer-photo-booth-02 dallas-wedding-photographer-photo-booth-03 dallas-wedding-photographer-photo-booth-04 dallas-wedding-photographer-photo-booth-05 dallas-wedding-photographer-photo-booth-06 dallas-wedding-photographer-photo-booth-07 dallas-wedding-photographer-photo-booth-08 dallas-wedding-photographer-photo-booth-09 dallas-wedding-photographer-photo-booth-10

Ok guys, let me be straight with you.  Your wedding day was the perfect example of what marriage holds in store for you.

There will be days filled with dancing & laughter.
There will be days when everything just seems perfect.
There will also be days when the storms come.

They always do.

Great marriages are not ones that avoid the storms or ignore them.  They are the ones that look at the rain, grab an umbrella, and march forward with their commitment to one another.

It was an honor to capture the very first storm your two weathered as husband and wife.

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Austin Is The Best
Austin Is The Best

Alecia & Hayden are the perfect example of what an engaged couple in Austin is like.  Fun, quirky, not too serious, and in love with their city.  We went all over town for this session.  There were so many great locations here are just a few of them.

We started out at the Spider House Cafe were they spend some time playing one of their favorite boardgames.austin-engagement-photography-01 austin-engagement-photography-02 austin-engagement-photography-03

It wouldn’t be Austin without murals.

austin-engagement-photography-04 austin-engagement-photography-05

Hey look, it’s another killer Austin location. :)
austin-engagement-photography-06 austin-engagement-photography-07 austin-engagement-photography-08

Thank you guys for a great afternoon and for living in such a great city.

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Random Quirky Austin Engagement
Random Quirky Austin Engagement

I get the best couples.  End of story.  Here is a little preview.  Many more coming by the end of the week.

austin-engagement-photos-01 austin-engagement-photos-02 austin-engagement-photos-03

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How To Plan An Awesome Wedding
How To Plan An Awesome Wedding

It’s ok to admit it.  You want your wedding to be awesome.  You want the Best. Wedding. Ever.  That’s why you plan.  That’s why you read.  That’s why you stress out a bit.  Because you want everything to be just perfect.  You want to plan it, and prep it, and maybe even package it up a bit too much. :)

May I share a little secret with you?

The things that will make your wedding awesome, the things you will remember and look back on and laugh about, are typically not the things you plan.  They are not the things you pin on Pinterest.  They are the natural organic moments that happen when all of your friends and family come together to watch you begin your marriage.

I was reminded of that this past weekend when Thy & Jonathan were married.  I’ll be sharing “fancy” wedding images later but they had so many amazing unplanned moments that I wanted to share those first.

1. That moment when your grandkids spit up during family formals.


2. That moment when the ring bearer stops and talks to everyone along the way down the aisle and finally just has to be pulled because he won’t go down the aisle and the bride is on her way down. :)


3. That moment when Matt Dallas, star of Kyle XY shows up and dances with you at your reception.


4. That moment when your cousins go around with shots and make people stuff cash in your honeymoon fund jar to take one.
Screaming in your face until you do. (Try finding a Pinterest board for that.)

Your wedding probably is not gonna have all these moments.  But it will have it’s own crazy antics.  The more you try and plan out every detail the more likely you are to end up frustrated somewhere along the way.

If you really want to plan for something here are my suggestions:
Plan and prepare for your marriage.
Plan to love your spouse and to stay committed till death do you part.
Plan to spend that day laughing with and loving those around you.
And plan to look back on the amazing photo AlexM took for you. (Click here to book) ;)


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