The Coolest Couple I’ve Shot | Kenzie & Michael
The Coolest Couple I’ve Shot | Kenzie & Michael

As we were finishing their engagement session, Kenzie said
“I’m sorry we are not as cool as your other couples.”

I laughed and told her they were fine and that I had a great time with them.  As I was driving off, I thought of a few more things I should have said.  If you don’t mind, I’m about to say them…

I think “cool” is when a guy opens the door for his fiance’ every time we jump in the car to change locations.

I think “cool” is when a bride lets her fiance’ wear a hat in the pictures because that’s how he is most comfortable.

I think “cool” is when a groom talks about his bride-to-be’s father with respect and honor.

I think “cool” is when a bride asks me about my family because she is genuinely interested, not just being polite.

I think “cool” is when after 15 minutes with a couple, I know that in 2060 they will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

I can’t tell you how much I loved spending the afternoon with you guys.  I wish all my couples were as “cool” as  you.

Enjoy your pics. :)

This lady is in charge of one of the stores in Rusk where they registered.  She was too awesome to not include in the photo. :)

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It’s Getting Hot In Here
It’s Getting Hot In Here

Just a quick little reminder to all you bride-ly brides out there.  June and July are hot in Texas.

Here are a few temperatures from June 2009 in some of the cities I frequent.

Trust me, you do not want to be out prancing about outside in June/July in a wedding dress.  It’s hot.  You’ll sweat.  You’ll actually feel the makeup melting off  your face.  You will not “feel” like a princess.  You’ll feel like a big white perspiring albino rhino. :)  (Those petticoats add an extra layer of warming goodness.)

If your bridal session is going to be completely indoors this won’t be a problem.  But, if you are wanting any outdoor shots, we’ll want to get on the ball and get your session planned for April or May.  There is one location that is actually great for outdoor shots in June.

Feel free to fly me out there and we’ll spend all day outside shooting. :)

Happy planning.

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I love shooting seniors.  I go back and forth on whether or not it’s something I would want to do a lot of, but seniors like Rachel make me wish I did it more.  She was so much fun to work with and completely trusted me with ANYTHING I asked her to do.  These are some of my favorite images I have ever shot.

This crazy tall bamboo is something I drive past all the time and I have been waiting for just the right person to take to it.

It actually leads down into a creek full of scary stuff in the dark, but she was fearless and was willing to crawl down into it!

We are actually about 4 feet “underground” and immersed in bamboo where this was shot.

Thank you so much for a great session and have fun at Baylor!

Side Note 1: If you are a senior who still needs some photos done, and are up for anything, give me a call. I have some fun ideas.

Side Note 2: If you are a senior and still need some photos done and want to lay down on a big huge 2010 please don’t call me. :)

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Lydia Covey: Performing Harpist | Vendor Interview
Lydia Covey: Performing Harpist | Vendor Interview

I love when brides choose to have live music at their wedding.  Receptions are the “typical” time when brides hire a band.  But, one thing you may not have considered is some live ceremony music.  Lydia is by far be the best harpist I have ever met.  (She is the only harpist I have ever met.)  Regardless,  she is a wonderfully talented musician and I love when brides choose to have tasty live music rather than that “canned” stuff that sometimes skips or lasts too long or not long enough.  Lydia is such a nice person and her music is great.  Call her ASAP and see if she is still available for your date!

As luck would have it, we were both at the I Do Bridal Show in Longview.  So, I had both her and her harp get into The Mug Machine. :)

Enjoy the photos.  Then enjoy the interview.

How did you get started, how long have you been doing this?

I had the dream to play the harp ever since I can remember.  I started my musical education on piano before I convinced my parents that my love was for the harp.  I began harp studies in 2004 and it was a perfect match.  When I discovered that my harp music could be involved with weddings I was thrilled!  I have now been playing for weddings professionally for about 3 years.

What is your favorite part about your job?
Oh so many favorites, where to begin?!  First, I love people.  My job involves many people. I love getting to know my brides, their fiance, mother, friends, etc.  I have the privilege to be a part of the happiest day of a couples life.  It is wonderful to share my music, knowing that I am adding to their day and bringing joy to people.  I love that the harp is so unique and I get to share it’s music.

And, I love weddings.  It’s amazing that they are my job, I love hearing all the stories of planning and then arriving on the big day seeing all the loveliness.

Why should a bride hire a live musician?  Can’t the venue just play a cd while the guests are arriving?
Yes, any venue can play any cd and no one will notice.  But, you can be sure that with the beauty of the harp and it’s lovely music being played, your guests will notice.  Any sort of live music for your ceremony is wonderful, but (in my humble opinion :) the harp is the perfect wedding instrument, it will create the perfect ambiance.

The biggest plus to having live musicians is how smooth the ceremony will go.  A professional musician will be watching for just the right moment when the ceremony is to start, can easily continue a song if the flower girls take those extra 2 minutes to shyly make their way down the aisle.  And most important, a musician will be able to beautifully end the song once the bride has reached her to-be-husband.  No awkward waiting for the recorded song to end or be suddenly turned off.  Live music is that extra special touch.

What is something unique to your service that you are extra proud of?
I am very easy going about music selections!  This is your wedding, you pick any special song you want and I will search high and low to play it.  Or, if you have no clue about songs that’s fine, I have lots of wedding experience and can recommend the best songs.

And, you may be surprised at how amazing “Here Comes the Bride” sounds on harp!  It’s nothing like you’ve heard it before.

Anything else you wanna say?
Enjoy this time of planning your wedding.  It is a very special part of your life, and while it may involve stress, take the time to have fun planning and make the wedding your own.  But remember, the wedding is one day, your marriage will prayerfully be lifelong.  Focus on your relationship as a couple soon to be husband and wife.  It is a joyful union you are preparing for!

“Love never fails… but it’s something worth fighting for.”

Lydia Covey | Performing Harpist
Web | | Twitter

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4 Sisters and a Stalker
4 Sisters and a Stalker

The last time I photographed 4 sisters, I ended up marrying one of them.

This is a photo I took about 10 years ago, and Danielle is the one on the far right.

When Kristin & I started chatting about shooting her and her sisters, I got all excited.  This session was a blast, so let’s jump right to the images.

I LOVE this shot of them in the field.

Guess who showed up while we were out there?

That’s right ladies and gentlemen.  A little bit of Zac Effron never hurt a photograph.  He must have heard these beautiful single ladies were in town and came by for a visit.

I still had The Mug Machine in my car from Heather & Blake’s wedding, and I figured it was just what these girls needed. So we drove over to the church where their mom works and set it up for a few shots.

At this point Zac became a bit of a stalker.  He must have somehow followed us back because he showed up out of nowhere and insisted on getting in on a few more shots.

Once their mom came out, Zac split.  (I think he was intimidated.)

Seriously, how gorgeous are all 5 of these ladies?!

Thanks for a great session!

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