Top 10 2013 | Ring Photos
Top 10 2013 | Ring Photos

Get Excited!  It’s your chance to help someone win a 16×20 print!  Voting is open till midnight.  Tell your friends.

Today’s category: Wedding Rings

I always feel a couple’s ring photo should be a reflection of them.  You should be able to look at it and see a little glimpse into who they are and what they love.  Here are a few of my favorites form this part year.

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1. Green: Blake works in visual effects, I wanted him to be able to drop his rings into any film he made in the future. ;)


2. Chop: Gabby & Kendal met in Hong Kong.  This one was too easy.


3. Meds:  Right before the ceremony Jaime got a crushing headache.  These were the magic pills that saved the day.


4. Bible: Travis & Heather’s whole life revolves around the words in this book


5. Knot: Shelly & Caleb used this rope as a part of their ceremony.


6. Shades: Thy & Jonathan entered their reception rockin’ these shades.


7. Baseball: Alex played baseball all through college so Lauren gave him one with their name on it.


8. Bling: Krystle’s ring was kinda blingy.  I put it with more shiny things.


9. Yoshi: Tara & Lee love to play Mario Kart and these are their favorite characters.


10. Sword: Joe is in the Air Force.  That means he has cool weapons.


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Top 10 2013 | Engagement Photos
Top 10 2013 | Engagement Photos

Get Excited!  It’s your chance to help someone win a 16×20 print!  Voting is open till midnight.  Tell your friends.

Today’s category: Engagement Sessions

Take a look at the entries then vote at the bottom of this post.

1. Cooking:  I loved watching Amanda & Clayton cook with their little girl.  Such fun memories and tasty cookies were made that day.
2. Checkers: True story. This is the moment in time when Karl taught Justine how to play checkers.
3. Austin: Hayden & Alecia are good at kissing.  They also like Austin.
4. Class: This is the classroom where Emily & Lucas met.  This is the very place their story began.
5. Paint: 1 sure fire way to improve your engagement session.  Paint fight.
6. Paddle Board: Kayla & David like each other & paddle boards.  In that order.
7. Home: This is the foundation to Lindsey & Jonathan’s 1st home together.
8. Hunt: Jessica & Casey like to shoot things.  So I shot them.
9.  Cars: Megan & Stephen met because they both loved their cars.  Now they love each other.
10. Hockey: Katelyn & Chris are both hockey fans.  Blackhawks won that night 6-2

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Merry Christmas 2013
Merry Christmas 2013


Just wanted to say a little thank you to all my couples for making this past year so great.  Can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store.

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Natalie & Jason | Plano Wedding Photos
Natalie & Jason | Plano Wedding Photos


Natalie & Jason had such a chill wedding at Noah’s Event Center in Plano on a cold cold day in December.
plano-wedding-photographer-01 plano-wedding-photographer-02

I promise I’m not exaggerating when I say that during their First Look Jason kept repeating the this phrase over and over.

“You are so beautiful.”

He must have said it 20 times.

I may have teared up.

plano-wedding-photographer-03 plano-wedding-photographer-04 plano-wedding-photographer-05 plano-wedding-photographer-06 plano-wedding-photographer-07

The guys took their portrait time very very seriously.
plano-wedding-photographer-08 plano-wedding-photographer-09 plano-wedding-photographer-10 plano-wedding-photographer-11

Some people spend months and dozens of Pinterest hours looking for the perfect cake toppers.

Natalie told me they got theirs from a toy store about a week before the wedding.

I love smaller weddings because it really does feel like everyone is family.  This is them with all the “guests” from the day.
plano-wedding-photographer-13 plano-wedding-photographer-14 plano-wedding-photographer-15 plano-wedding-photographer-16

How should we end the day?
Last dance?
Flower petal exit?

All too boring.

80’s movie High Five?  Yes!  Roll Credits!


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Katelyn & Chris | Dallas Stars Engagement Photos
Katelyn & Chris | Dallas Stars Engagement Photos

Katelyn is from Chicago, Chris is a Dallas boy.  They love sports and each other.

Where should we go for their engagement session?  Some place fun and romantic?  Maybe a picnic basket and a red & white blanket?  Nope.

How about someplace loud and rowdy where a fight might break out and they can get mad at each other?  Yes! Perfect!  A Stars & Blackhawks game!

dallas-stars-engagement-photos-01 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-02 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-03 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-04 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-05 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-06

My favorite thing about these two is how Chris keeps Katelyn laughing.  It was hard to NOT get a photo of her just cracking up when they were together.
dallas-stars-engagement-photos-07 dallas-stars-engagement-photos-08

Sometime around the 2nd period the photo session came to an end.  You see, Katelyn’s Blackhawks were beating Chris’ Stars 3-0.  Chris got a little grumpy.

That’s ok though.  (I work for the bride.)

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