Knife, Fire, & Love
Knife, Fire, & Love

JoDee & Mike’s story began like any great love story.  It began with him putting a glass slipper on her foot.  Well, technically it was a cleat. And, technically it was not made of glass, but who’s really keeping up at this point.  Mike had just moved back to Dallas after serving in the Air Force and one day while playing kickball with his buddies he came across this girl with a busted cleat.  He offered to tape it up and they lived happily ever after.  Mike is now a Sous chef at Lucia.  This super great Italian food place located in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas.  These two kept me laughing their whole session.  Take a look at how great they are together.

dallas-cooking-engagement-photos-01 dallas-cooking-engagement-photos-02 dallas-cooking-engagement-photos-03 dallas-cooking-engagement-photos-04 dallas-cooking-engagement-photos-05

I thought it would be fun to use the Japanese handmade knife that Mike will keep for the rest of his life as a prop when shooting the ring JoDee will keep for the rest of her life.

dallas-cooking-engagement-photos-06 dallas-cooking-engagement-photos-07 dallas-cooking-engagement-photos-08 dallas-cooking-engagement-photos-09 dallas-cooking-engagement-photos-10

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