Lady in Red
Lady in Red


Dee & Dustin had such a great first day of marriage at Bella Sera Ranch in Palestine, TX.  It was full of laughter, pizza, and dancing.

bella-sera-wedding-photos-02 bella-sera-wedding-photos-03 bella-sera-wedding-photos-04

Anytime I see 1D stuff I photograph it.  Why?  Because when I look back on my wedding photos I wish there was more New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, and Hanson products in them.
bella-sera-wedding-photos-05 bella-sera-wedding-photos-06

Few brides can pull off a red dress.  Dee is totally one of those brides.


These two had a great First Look.

Dustin was super sweet and had a little gift for Dee.
bella-sera-wedding-photos-09 bella-sera-wedding-photos-10 bella-sera-wedding-photos-11 bella-sera-wedding-photos-12 bella-sera-wedding-photos-13 bella-sera-wedding-photos-14

Lots and lots of dancing and party times courtesy of CMB Music.

One of my favorite moments from their day was when all the guest were sent out to get ready for the getaway.  I looked up and found Dee & Dustin dancing in an empty room.  They spent a good 3 minutes there.  It was totally a Disney magic moment.


Of course they had The Mug Machine.  Of course it was a blast.  Here are a few of my favorites.

bella-sera-wedding-photos-17 bella-sera-wedding-photos-18 bella-sera-wedding-photos-19 bella-sera-wedding-photos-20 bella-sera-wedding-photos-21

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