Becca & Brad | Wedding Photography Tyler, TX
Becca & Brad | Wedding Photography Tyler, TX

Becca & Brad are the type of couple I love working with.  They are always eager to take “more” photos and gave me plenty of time to do so on their wedding day.  It was a blast so no more chit chat from me.  Let’s jump to the images.

undefinedLOVE LOVE LOVE this shot.

There is nothing more romantic that sharing your First Look with just you and your soon to be spouse…..
… and you little sister creeping in the background.
Stay classy Brad.
Becca’s parents pulled her aside to pray with her.  Another one of my favorites.
undefinedundefinedundefinedI love that you can see her sister’s make up running down her face. :)undefined
When he first saw here that day Becca’s dad went on and on about how beautiful she looked.  He then went on to talk about how beautiful his wife looked.  That is one smart man.
You guys were terrific, Mug Machine, and album goodness await you later this week!

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