Your Wedding Dress & Pirates
Your Wedding Dress & Pirates

2 exciting things are launching today.  One has to do with what you can wear to your wedding.  The other has to do with what my kids will watch while I’m gone shooting your wedding.  We’ll start with your wedding dress first.

I’ll be super honest with you, I only know 1 thing about Anthropologie, ladies love that website.  So, I figure the fact that they are launching a line of wedding gowns might be worth pointing out. :)  These dresses look amazing.  I can’t wait to shoot a bride in one of these things.  Here a just a few of them.

They also have bridesmaid dresses and things to put on your head as well as things to put your feet in!!! (They even have braziers for sale.)

Head over to the site to see everything they have to offer and to lose the next 1 hour of your day. :)

Also everyone in my house is super excited about the launch of a new show: “Jake and the Neverland Pirates.”  We love us some Peter Pan and this looks like it will totally take care of our Captain Hook fix.  If you have little people in your house, you should check out this show.  You can even get the first THREE episode for free on iTunes. (Click here.)

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