Denise & Josh | Amber Springs Wedding
Denise & Josh | Amber Springs Wedding

Denise first came across my photography when hunting for a photographer for her sister in law.  She then convinced Mellisa & Ross to use me for their wedding. (I think she just wanted to see me in action before booking.)  So, when she got engaged I was super pumped that she gave me a call to come tell her story.  I love this family and feel totally at home when I’m around them.  Lots and lots of images to follow from their wedding at Amber Springs near Houston.

Her dad spent so much time working on his speech for the reception.  I love this frame of him.

Good times at their First Look.
Josh is s total natural with kids.

Party bus heading towards the reception.

I’m pretty sure there is an Aggie joke somewhere in this frame.


If you look towards the lower right of this image you can see Brent McKellar of McKellar Productions creeping in the darkness.  I can’t wait to see all the video goodness they got.

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