AlexM’s What If I Get Violently Ill The Day Of Your Wedding Plan.
AlexM’s What If I Get Violently Ill The Day Of Your Wedding Plan.

Every now and then when I’m meeting with a new bride, she will timidly say… “I hope you don’t think this is rude, but what if you get sick the day of my wedding.”

It’s funny because I can always “feel” when the question is about to be asked and I can see the hesitation on their faces.  Almost like it’s rude of them to even mention it.  I’ll share with you what I say to them and save you the “embarrassment” of having to ask the question yourself.

First off, it’s a great question.  Seriously, this is your one and only wedding day, so knowing what your photographer or any other wedding vendor will do if they get sick is something you HAVE to ask about.  If you ever talk with a vendor who says anything like “Don’t’ worry about it, I never get sick. Things will be fine.”  You may want to start looking for someone else.  People unwilling to talk about backup plans, typically don’t have a back up plan.

So, without further a due, here is my What If I Get Violently Ill The Day Of Your Wedding Plan.

Phase One:  Call My Father In Law
My Father In Law is not really a great photographer, but he is a great doctor. :)  If at anytime leading up to your wedding, things start to go downhill for me, it’s nice to know that I have an on-call family practice doctor who can prescribe crazy doses of medication. :)

Phase Two:  Shoot Sick
If I’m not feeling well, that does not necessarily mean that I’m too sick to shoot a wedding.  I have shot about 5 or so weddings when I was “sick” and I never mention it and you past brides out there didn’t know it was happening. :)  I would never show up and get you sick, but shooting when I’m a bit under the weather is not a big deal.

Phase Three:  Call A Professional Wedding Photographer
I literally am friends with about 20 wedding photographers in the East Texas area.  These folks all shoot a very similar style to me and are people I know would do a great job documenting your day.  I would cover for them at the drop of a hat and I know they would do the same for me.  I have a list with their names and numbers printed out and it sits in the top drawer of my desk.  Danielle knows that if for any reason I am unable to make it, she can pull it out and start calling down the list.  These folks would show up, shoot, and deliver amazing images to you.  The only thing you would miss is my witty and charming personality. :)

The good news is that in over 5 years of shooting I have never missed a wedding for any reason.  The better news is that if for some reason anything were to happen, I have a plan in place.

Also, I thought It would be fun to show a little video of me about 30 minutes after I had my wisdom teeth removed last year. :)  Hydrocodone was my friend. :)

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