AlexM Create-A-Date Contest
AlexM Create-A-Date Contest


OK, so here is the deal.  This June is our 9th wedding anniversary.  Everyone makes a big deal about the 10th and we already have a few things planned for that one, but what about this year?  I mean, it should count for something right?  So, why not make a contest out of it.

I’m looking for the most creative/fun/memorable evening that cost me no more than $100 bucks.  It must be within a 4 hour driving distance of Palestine and you do NOT have to factor in gas or hotel expense.  Ideally, the date would happen in June.  If your idea is date specific it can NOT occur on a Saturday.  (I tend to be at weddings on Saturday.)


Here’s how the contest is gonna work.  Leave your date idea in the comments.  You have till Monday at 10:00 AM to post your idea. The sooner you post, the more time I have to start liking your idea. ;)  I’ll then go through them all and pick my favorite and the winner will revise a 16×20 canvas gallery wrap of any image I have shot of them.  (Those bad boys cost $300 bucks so you know you wanna win one.)


Here is where it gets AWESOME.  Other people are allowed to submit date ideas on your behalf.  If their idea wins they get a $25 Target gift card & you get the 16×20  canvas gallery wrap.  So… the more people you have submitting date ideas, the better your chance of winning.  The best way to do that is to jump on Facebook and point your friends towards this blog post.  I also know many of you follow this blog but don’t know anyone I have shot.  If you win I’ll let you pick your favorite couple and I’ll surprise them with the 16×20 gallery wrapped canvas and I’ll hook you up with a $25 Target gift card.  Cool?


On your marks…. get set…. GO!


Disclaimer: I’m picking the winning idea based on what I think would be the most fun for Danielle & I.  You may have a terrific idea, but if I don’t like it, it ain’t winning. :)  By entering the contest you agree that you will not get your feelings hurt or sue me if you don’t win.  Thanks.


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