Meagan & Joe | Air Force Wedding
Meagan & Joe | Air Force Wedding


Meagan & Joe had such a fantastic wedding day at the Cathedral of St. Andrew in Little Rock, AR.

They had such a great time during their First Look; we are gonna jump straight to those photos. :)

little-rock-air-force-wedding-02 little-rock-air-force-wedding-03

I love when couples have a chance to just sit and talk before their day gets rolling.  Joe said “I can’t believe people get married without seeing each other.”  Meagan kept going on and on about how he helps calm her down.  And now that she had seen him, she finally was able to settle down a bit.

little-rock-air-force-wedding-04 little-rock-air-force-wedding-05 little-rock-air-force-wedding-06 little-rock-air-force-wedding-07 little-rock-air-force-wedding-08 little-rock-air-force-wedding-09


Most brides know it’s coming… most forget.  I love the giggle they always let out right after.
little-rock-air-force-wedding-11 little-rock-air-force-wedding-12

Reception was at the Little Rock Club.   30 floors up. :)

little-rock-air-force-wedding-13 little-rock-air-force-wedding-14 little-rock-air-force-wedding-15

After the toast when the party was about to start, the guys took off their jackets to reveal theses amazing shirts.  They are their “Party Shirts.”


And party we did.
little-rock-air-force-wedding-17 little-rock-air-force-wedding-18 little-rock-air-force-wedding-19

Meagan & Joe, thank you for sharing your day with me.
Joe, thank you for your service.
Meagan, thank you for sharing your husband with our country.

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