9 Ways We “Ruined” Our Wedding.
9 Ways We “Ruined” Our Wedding.

Today is our 9th anniversary.  Rather than reflect on all the good times we have had over the years, I thought I would take a different approach and fill you in on all the things Danielle & I did wrong on our wedding day.

1. Kept Moving The Date Up: The more we “planned” the wedding the less fun it became.  Rather than drag the whole process out for 36 months we decided to get it on the calendar and get it done.

2. No Bride/Groom Side: We liked everyone there and let them all sit wherever they wanted.

3. No “Here Comes The Bride”: Danielle didn’t walk down to that song.  (We went with How Beautiful instead.)

4. No unity candle/ sand:
We wanted to be united, but just didn’t want a candle or sand.

5. Uneven  number of bridesmaids & groomsmen:
One of my friends could not make it. Rather than just add a fill in to “make it even,” we left it odd.

6. No garder/bouquet toss: Many of the single people at the wedding still found a way to get married.

7. Didn’t cut or look at my cake: I had one, we just forgot to go over there.

8. Didn’t leave for our honeymoon right away: Our friends were starting a church that night.  We wanted to be there.

9. I’m sure I left something out: Seriously, I have no idea, but I’m sure we did or did not do something at our wedding that someone may or may not have taken offense to. (It will happen at your’s too.)

Now this list may seem silly, petty, or not even a big deal, but in the course of planning a wedding THOSE are the things that turn into big deals.

(over & over)

The reality is many of those details just are not important at all.  My advice to you as a crotchety, old man who has been married all of 9 years is this:

Plan your wedding YOUR way.  Do what you want.  Tell everyone else to take a hike.

P.S.  Happy Anniversary Wifers.  I love you.

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