You Totally Like Me. Right?
You Totally Like Me.  Right?

OK so here is the deal.  Right now I’m hovering at around 300 “Likes” on the AlexM Photography Facebook Page.  We need to get that number to 1,000.  I have a plan.  Phase 1 is get the number to 500.  Once we hit 500 then I’ll randomly give away an iPod to any one of those 500 fans.  (I’ll even let the winner pick their favorite color.)  I have something special planned for when we get to 1,00 but we’ll talk about that as we get closer to 1K.

So all you need to do is either head to the page and “Like” it, or post a little something in your status update encouraging your friends to Like it.

The best photographer ever in the whole wide world is giving away an iPod to a random person.
Like his page to be entered.

If you already Like the page you can still win so get of this boring blog of mine and jump back to the book of face.


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