25 Random Things About Me
25 Random Things About Me

You’ve seen it on Facebook, you’ve tagged me, you’ve begged and pleaded for it, and now through the power of the internets behold, I give you my list.

1. i keep a kiddy toilet in the trunk of my car.

2. we have a 42 and a 50 inch plasma tv in our house, yet no satellite, cable, or rabbit ears. 

3. i have about 1.5 years of college under my belt.  stay in school kids.

4. i am fluent in espanol

5. sometimes my pictures come out ugly

6. the only reason i had a son was for it to be “ok” to play video games.

7. i am getting scary good at putting on barbie clothes

8. i slept outside an at&t store 2 years ago to be the first in line for an iphone. 

9. i would sleep outside an at&t store AGAIN for an iphone. (yes, that’s an “L” on my forehead.)

10.  before there was facebook there was geocities and i was on it.

11.  i once did a roundoff toe-touch when i was introduced in the lineup for my high school basketball team. (go panthers)  

12.  i have a sister who is younger than me, but usually acts older than me. 

13.  i have been catholic, episcopal, baptist, and non-denominational, and i’m still not convinced any of them really know what’s going on.

14.  i proposed to my wife on top of the empire state building on valentine’s day. 

15. i thought i was cool in high school, but looking back at the photos i’m pretty sure i was not.

16.  i have a cousin named alejandro.

17. the reason i fell in love with my wife is because she could not stand me.

18.  i had a 300 dollar wedding photographer.

19.  i think getting upset about professional sports is silly

20.  i have held my new camera more than my new baby

21.  i really really like to listen to rob bell talk.

22.  i love to watch cary grant movies with danielle.

23.  pete maravich once gave me a ribbon

24.  i almost bought a baby bouncer with an iphone dock.  (have i mentioned i like my phone?)

25.  i lied about number 14.




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