2010 December Rewind
2010 December Rewind

Happy December Everyone!!!  We are starting a new “Rewind” tradition.  Each month I’m going to do a little quick interview with a couple celebrating their 1 year anniversary.  This will give you up and coming married people a little peak into what your world might look like in a few months. :)  I knew Kristi & Kiley would be the perfect couple to get the ball rolling.

What have you liked most about your first year being married?
Building a home And life together

Give us your best cheapo/fun married date idea.
Going swimming on the lake

What’s been the hardest part about being married?
Learning each other, what not to do and say :)

What surpassed you the most?  (Either good or bad.)
The love we have for each other.

What have you fought about most and why?
Little things (what way to put the toilet paper on the holder)

So if I remember right, you guys don’t Facebook.  Why is that?
We stay in touch with friends other ways and everyone else doesn’t matter.

Do you have any advice for couples about to take the plunge?
Have fun with each other laugh and love through everything.


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