15 Engagement Session Ideas
15 Engagement Session Ideas

Couples are always asking me this question:
“What should we do for our engagement session?”
That always turns into me asking them this question:
“What do you like to do?”

You see, I feel like whatever it is you like to do then that’s what we should do.  Just because you are engaged does not mean you need to go walk on the railroad tracks.  You are not a train conductor.  Step AWAY from the train tracks.  Here are just a few things that some of my couples have done on their session.

1. Walk your dog.

2. Go dancing3. State Fair
4. Lake5. College
6. Lego Store
7. Austin
8. Bowl
9. Piano
10. Fight
11. Fountain
12. Beer
13. Trampoline
14. Parking Garage
15. Car Wash

See,  it’s easy.  Do what you love with someone you love; I’ll photograph it and you’ll love it. :)

Also, all you non-engaged people out there, toss out a few ideas in the comments to help everyone out.


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