119,084 Images
119,084 Images

As I finished my backups of my images from 2008 I thought I’d go back and count em all up.  I would have posted this sooner, but it took me longer than I had planned. As it turns out I took quite a few pictures last year, 119,084 to be exact.
I think I may have missed one or two but I was already in the 70,000s and didn’t feel like starting over.

Seriously though.  That’s a lot of shots.  That’s about 350 pictures a day. Basically every 5 minutes I take a picture.
That’s enough pictures to where I could take one photo of every person in Palestine AND Tyler and and maybe Elkhart. ;)

Anyway all that to say I’m glad I like my job.  Thanks everyone for paying me to take pictures.

(By the way, there are only about 650 images below.  You would need another 175 blocks like that to show all the images.)


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