10 Signs That You Might Need A Wedding Planner
10 Signs That You Might Need A Wedding Planner

hey remember when we were all in high school and we had a prom.  yeah that was fun right?  that prom didn’t just drop in at your high school.  there were a group of students (mostly girls) who made that night happen.  they slaved away for months to make it happen.

so, knowing that a prom takes a committee of people.  why on earth would you think you could plan a prom/church service/vacation/family reunion all on your own.

i am a pretty good photographer.  wait, scratch that.  i’m the best photographer ever.  but what i am not very good at is being a wedding planner or coordinator.  guess what?  your mom, aunt, bff, or cousin who is a sophomore in college is probably not the best either.  that’s why i always love it when brides hire a professional to help them plan and run their day.  it’s some of the best money you can spend when planning a wedding.

good planner make your life easier.  they are worth the money you pay them and then some.  maybe you don’t think you need one.  maybe you think you can handle planning this all on your own.  maybe you are right.  but i think a little help might be just what you need.

i asked super planner extraordinaire taryn coffey of event & company to maybe point out some signs that you may need a planner.  here is what she had to say.

So I’m sure it’s crossed your mind if you don’t have a wedding planner already- “Do I need a wedding planner?” It crossed my mind when I started planned my wedding, but I didn’t act on it, then…it was too late, which is the case SO many times.  So, here are some signs that you might need a wedding planner…

1. You already have full time job and so does your fiancé.

2. You don’t have time to research, read blogs, look for inspiration, and email all day every day.

3. You’re planning a wedding at a place that you nor any of your willing-to-help family members live.

4. You’re relying on another vendor (PHOTOGRAPHER) to handle your wedding day- one who is NOT a wedding planner.

5. Your fiancé is getting mad at you for not spending enough time with him and spending too much time looking at/obsessing over wedding stuff (ok, you might still do this even when you have a wedding planner, but it’s a legit reason).

6. You’ve booked your venue and date, but it’s been a few months and you haven’t done anything else beyond that.

7. You have no clue about what amount to budget for things.

8. You’ve developed ulcers from the stress associated with wedding planning.

9. Family tensions are starting to develop because of the wedding (WARNING: often occurs with female family members!).

10. Panic sets in when you start thinking about your wedding day.

Of course, there are many, many more reasons! Ultimately, you DESERVE to not be stressed about your wedding. You DESERVE to enjoy your wedding day!  Let a planner handle all of your stresses-you deserve to have fun planning your wedding! (And to be as happy as the bride in all the lovely photos Alex takes!)


seriously ladies.
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